■ Ohana+

Type Single Lens Mask
  • ・Wide angle single lens
  • ・4mm heaven par glass
  • ・Easy nose pocket
  • ・Pivot Buckle

■ Kokua

Type Dry snorkel
  • ・Piston system
  • ・Self drainage
  • ・Quick release holder
  • ・Easy slide
  • ・"Ago Raku" mouthpiece
Color Clear Blue/Blue,Clear Pink/Pink,Smoke/Black,Navy/Off White,Flash Pink/Sky

■ Ohana+ mask
Compact and smart.
A basic single-pane mask designed to maximize comfort and field of vision.
This high quality mask can be used for snorkeling, skin diving, and SCUBA diving.

■ Piston dry snorkel Kokua
A piston dry system offers a clean look combined with 100% dry performance.
Enjoy the ease and comfort of a snorkel that stays completely dry.