Type 3mm Seagull Wetsuit
Zipper Ankle Zipper
Material Neoprene
Fabric Nylon
  • ・Super 3D Panel
  • ・Smooth skin piping neck
  • ・3D Print Knee Pad
  • ・Ankle Zipper
  • ・YKK Zipper (adopted for all Zipper parts)
  • ・Flat seam
Size S, M, ML, L

Super 3D panel
Improves fit behind the waist, which is the part of a wetsuit most prone to separating from the skin, to boost comfort and style.
3D panels are also used under the arms and behind the knees for increased mobility.

Skin neck piping
Smooth skin piping around the neck, which is particularly prone to gaps, helps improve the waterproofness of the seal. In addition, 3D panels are also used on the neck to create a comfortable fit.

Silicon pads
Silicone knee pads offer improved strength, elasticity, and grip force compared to conventional printed pads. The design of the pads also features the brand logo.

YKK back zipper
Reliable YKK zippers are used throughout the wetsuit. The Velcro fastener around the neck allows you to adjust the fit.

YKK ankle zipper
The ankle zippers, which are 2 cm longer than in previous models, make this wetsuit easier to get in and out of and more comfortable to wear on land.

Back style
The zipper guard on the inside of the zipper stops water intrusion and keeps the zipper from coming into direct contact with your skin.

Size Height(cm) Weight(kg) Neck(cm) Chest(cm) Waist(cm) Hips(cm) Inseam(cm)
S 153-156 47-51 30 81 63 88 64.5
M 157-163 51-55 31 83 64 91 67
ML 157-163 55-59 32 86 68 93 67
L 161-167 55-59 32 85 66 93 70

*For reference purpose