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外に遊びに行こう!"Let's go out!"


Hele i Waho (heh-leh ee wah-ho) is a Hawaiian language meaning "Let’s go out!"
A brand born from the inspiration of Hawaii.

Connecting humans and ocean together,
Helping people enjoy & learn from nature,
Suggesting a pleasant lifestyle.

Our desire is contained in Hele i Waho…


Hele i Waho always consider it’s kodawari, a Japanese word that cannot be directly translated into English, but the closest meaning would be "pickiness". We are picky about details and quality of our products. For example, our wetsuits are three dimensionally designed by professional Japanese pattern makers who had decades of experience and have mastered this craftsmanship. Hele i Waho sets its own standards and manages production and quality. We pursue functionality and peace of mind that even beginners can use with confidence. Whether it is the material, design, or performance, one will find kodawari in all our products. Please visit our dealers to see & touch our work.