Type Sports Sunglasses
Frame Material TR90 Plastic
Lens Material Plastic (polycarbonate / UV cut / Water Repellent Finish)
*Only the smoke lens are polarized.
Accessory Semihard case, Interchangeable lens (Mirror, Smoke, Yellow), Sports band, Lens cloth
Color Matte Black,Clear,Matte White

Sports & Leisure
A sports sunglasses that can also be used when you're at the ocean, climbing a mountain, or by a river.

The polycarbonate lenses have excellent durability and impact resistance, and serve to protect your eyes.

Mirrored lenses
These lenses reflect any light that is not transmitted through the lens, allowing them to firmly suppress glare in high-light conditions such as in bright sunlight, water, or snow.
They also hide your eyes from the outside and make it difficult for others to read your expression. This can be useful in high-level competitions.

Yellow lenses
These lenses help brighten your field of view and boost contrast.
Protects your eyes and maintains brightness under low-light conditions such as during cloudy or rainy days, dusk, or when participating in indoor sports.

Polarized smoke lenses
Greatly reduces glare while retaining the natural color of your environment.
Suppresses glare in your field of view by blocking irregularly reflected light. Useful for distinguishing targets during golf or fishing, and boosts safety while driving.

Polarized lenses
Polarized lenses not only reduce brightness but they can also relieve strain on your eyes by suppressing glare.
Cuts down on glare in a variety of settings such as when you are at the beach or looking at a water surface.

The best fit and comfort for active men and women
The curved frame design is tailored to an Asian bone structure.
A rubber pad protects against frontal impacts and keeps sweat out of your eyes.
The hinged temple constructed using the highly flexible TR90 material adjusts to the width of your face without causing unnecessary tightness.