Type Back Pack (Roll Top)
Size Height 71cm (52cm after 3 folds) × Length 31.5cm × Width 28cm
Weight 950g
Internal capacity 35-38L (depending on foldage)
Material Body:
500D coated tarpaulin
Wetsuit Material (nylon jersey × neoprene)
  • ・High grade nylon belt
  • ・Two places of adjuster
  • ・Laminated print logo
  • ・D ring
  • ・Removable inner pocket
Color Black, Grey, Navy, Khaki

A dry bag for outdoor or urban use

Coated tarpaulin
Tarpaulin is a high performance material valued in tents and other equipment due to its excellent waterproofness.
Hele i Waho’s dry bags are constructed using coated tarpaulin, a premium material made from resin-coated nylon fabric.
This gives the material its excellent waterproofness, impermeability, flexibility, resistance to scuffing, and its luxurious matte texture while maintaining the durability of the base nylon.

Roll top
A design that stops water intrusion by folding the mouth of the bag.
Can be used in various configurations, including by folding the mouth of the bag a fewer number of times to accommodate more luggage.

Thermocompression bonding
The thermo-welded seams provide superior waterproofing without the need for stitching.

Simple watertight fastener
Uses a simple watertight fastener to reduce water intrusion into the pocket.

Outdoor spec
The shoulder straps are made with wetsuit material for softness and comfort against your skin.
Excellent for long-term use without pain or abrasion even when the straps are worn atop thin clothes or bare skin.

*Please be aware that the product is not completely waterproof. While it is intended to resist water intrusion, water may still get in under some conditions, such as if the bag undergoes prolonged submersion or is left out in the rain.