Type Outdoor coat
Material 1mm Neoprene
  • ・Velcro type wrist adjustment
  • ・Double type aqua zip
  • ・Aqua zip pocket
  • ・Adjustment cord for hood and waist
  • ・High collar hooded design to guard firmly up to the neck
  • ・With inner & zipper guard
  • ・Inner taping inside (Partially)
  • ・Weight: Approximately 930g (for M Size; other size will vary)
Color Black,Black / Ash Red,Black / Ash Blue
Size M, L, XL

This multi-purpose outerwear is not only great for keeping warm after diving, snorkeling, or surfing, but can also be useful for mountaineering, fishing, snowboarding, kayaking, bicycling, and other outdoor activities.

Wetsuit material makes an excellent insulation/heat retention layer formed by small, high-density air bubbles in the neoprene that help block cold, ambient air, and retain body heat. This makes this a great parka for keeping warm after coming out of the water, or for a variety of outdoor activities such as mountaineering, bicycling, and fishing, or even for wearing in the city.

The neoprene is covered on both sides by smooth and comfortable nylon jersey material to achieve the best comfort on land. The 1 mm thick neoprene, which is thinner than most wetsuits (typically 3 or 5 mm thick), achieves the perfect balance of weight saving and heat retention.

All pockets meet AquaZip specifications, which is indispensable for outdoor use. Not only is this a stylish garment, but it also achieves excellent waterproofness including by reducing water intrusion through the zippers, making this an item that you can use safely even on rainy days or when near the water.

Large pockets
Large pockets on the left and right sides are convenient for carrying small items. The zippers meet AquaZip specifications, meaning they are appropriate for outdoor recreation.

Double zipper
The double front zipper construction, meaning the zipper can be opened from the top or bottom, lets you keep the hem of the parka from hindering your movement when running, sitting, or riding a bicycle.
Our pursuit of the ultimate in comfort extends to the smallest details, including zipper guards around your jaw along with inner zipper guards that boost waterproofness and wind protection.

Equipped with adjustable components that allow you to tighten the hem or hood, fasten the sleeves, and make other modifications to fit a particular use or various layering configurations.