Material 2mm Neoprene Jersey, Kevlar, Artificial Leather (Amara)
  • ・UV cut
  • ・Anti-cut Material
  • ・Heat insulation
Color Royal Blue,Black,Flash Pink,Lime,Wine-Red
Size XS, S, M, L, XL

Uses the supermaterial Kevlar* on the palm.
A comfortable glove made with 2 mm jersey-backed neoprene overall. Features superior durability, fit, UV protection, and heat retention.

*What is Kevlar?
A woven superfiber with a neoprene coating that features a tensile strength about fives times that of the same weight in steel. It is light and resistant to stretching, heat, abrasion, cuts, and mechanical impacts, and does not conduct electricity. It is highly useful in the context of marine sports.