Type Rash Hoodie
Material 86% Polyester / 14% Spandex / Nylon Thread
UV cut effect Maximum rating of UPF 50+
  • ・UV cut effect: Maximum rating of UPF 50+
  • ・No UV cut deterioration after 50 laundry wash
  • ・Chlorine Resistant
  • ・High Elasticity
  • ・Quick drying
  • ・Feather touch
  • ・Protects from scratches and cuts
Color Black, White, Navy, Silver Grey, Cherry Pink, Coral Blue, Honey Yellow
Size M, L, XL

Proprietary silky and downy extra-comfort material

The rash guard fabric not only blocks UV light but also protects against scratches and cuts.
A polyester and spandex blend provides great texture and is fast drying, stretchable, and durable when wet.
Low weight and both silky and downy to the touch. Designed for use underwater and on land.
The durable, elastic, and quick-drying sewing thread progresses through a gradient of rainbow colors inspired by Hawai'i.

(1) All you need to do is wear it! Easy sunburn prevention
UPF 50+

(2) Functional and comfortable even once you come out of the water
Unlike with cotton t-shirts, there is no risk of stretching if the fabric gets wet. This feature along with superior quick-drying properties make this a comfortable garment for the ocean and pool, and for when you come back to land.

Size Height(cm) Chest(cm) Waist(cm)
M 151-160 79-87 64-70
L 157-166 85-93 68-76
XL 164-173 91-99 74-82

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