■ Kalama+ Mask

  • ・Low Volume Silicone Skirt
  • ・Pivot Buckle
  • ・Tribe

■ Kokua Snorkel

  • ・Piston dry system
  • ・Self drainage
  • ・Quick release holder
  • ・Easy slide
  • ・"Ago Raku" mouthpiece

■ Aulii+Jr. Fin

  • ・Hybrid blade
  • ・Water hole to reduce unneeded resistance
  • ・Quick Release
  • ・Soft foot pocket
Size L-XL
Color Clear Blue/Blue,Clear Pink/Pink

■ Mask (for children aged 4 to 9)
The mask side windows provide a wide field of view.This mask packs maximum performance inside a low internal volume.

Designed specially for children. Retains all the functionality of the adult model.
With its wide field of view, even children who are novice snorkelers will enjoy the experience.

■ Snorkel
A piston dry system offers a clean look combined with 100% dry performance.Enjoy the ease and comfort of a snorkel that stays completely dry.

■ Compact fin Aulii+ Jr.
A compact snorkeling fin constructed using multiple materials in a hybrid blade that combines good design and exceptional functionality.
This premium snorkeling fin featuring an exquisite balance of propulsive force and portability gives you a comfortable snorkeling experience.