Type 5mm Fullsuit
Zipper Arm & Ankle Zipper
Material Neoprene
Fabric Exterior: Mesh skin × 4 Way Superstretch
Interior: 4 Way Superstretch
  • ・3D ASN system
  • ・4 Way Superstretch
  • ・Mesh skin panel
  • ・Smooth skin piping
  • ・Arm & ankle zipper
  • ・Diamond Printed Kneepad
  • ・Closed zipper made by YKK
Size M, L, LB, XL

3D ASN (Adjustable Neck Seal) system
This is the first model in the series to use this technology. A 3D pattern prevents water intrusion across the back of the neck. In addition, the smooth skin piping adds further waterproofing.

4 Way Superstretch
This material has 180% stretch and is used throughout the wetsuit
Offering superior athletic performance and ease of removal, enjoy marine sports more comfortably with this wetsuit.
The full-stretch material makes it easy to find the right size right off the rack.

Mesh skin panel
The mesh skin panel on the front of the wetsuit reduces evaporative cooling when worn on the surface or on land.
This is useful on boats or when waiting to catch a wave while surfing.

Smooth skin piping
As in the neck seal, the wetsuit features smooth skin piping on the wrists to improve waterproofing and sealability.

Wrist & ankle zipper (YKK)
The superstretch material and wrist and ankle zippers provide maximum ease when putting the wetsuit on or taking it off.

Diamond printed knee pad
The diamond printed knee pad increases durability without hindering mobility.

YKK with closed zipper
The YKK zipper with a built-in auto-lock makes sure that the wetsuit material doesn’t bunch up over the zipper when closed, and minimizes flooding.

Size Height(cm) Weight(kg) Neck(cm) Chest(cm) Waist(cm) Hips(cm) Inseam(cm)
M 163-169 55-65 36 90 76 91 69
L 168-174 59-69 37 92 78 93 71
LB 168-174 70-80 39 98 86 96 71
XL 173-179 65-75 38 94 80 95 73.5

*For reference purpose