Type 5mm Fullsuit
Zipper Arm & Ankle Zipper
Material Neoprene
Fabric Exterior: Nylon and Super Spartex
Interior: Nylon
  • ・3D ASN system
  • ・Super Spartex
  • ・Blindstitch seam
  • ・Cross patch
  • ・Diamond Printed Kneepad
Size S, M, ML, L

A simple, no-frills wetsuit that provides a contemporary take on the classic black look.

3D ASN (Adjustable Neck Seal) system
This is the first model in the series to use this technology. A 3D pattern prevents water intrusion across the back of the neck. In addition, the smooth skin piping adds further waterproofing.

Super Spartex material
Super Spartex, which is made by weaving nylon into laminated neoprene using a special process, provides substantially better durability on the shoulder panels to resist damage from abrasion or weight when wearing diving equipment.

No-seam & cross patch
Blind stitched seams, in which the needle only pierces the outside of the material so that the seam is not visible from the inside, are a testament to our focus on comfort. Cross patch processing in places where the stitching intersects creates even more durable seams.

Wrist & ankle zipper (YKK)
The wrist and ankle zippers are 2 cm longer, making this wetsuit easier to get in and out of and more comfortable to wear on land.

Diamond printed knee pad
The diamond printed knee pad increases durability without hindering mobility.

YKK with closed zipper
The YKK zipper with a built-in auto-lock makes sure that the wetsuit material doesn’t bunch up over the zipper when closed, and minimizes flooding.

Size Height(cm) Weight(kg) Neck(cm) Chest(cm) Waist(cm) Hips(cm) Inseam(cm)
S 153-158 45-53 30 82 64 90 65
M 157-163 49-57 31 84 66 92 67
ML 157-163 53-61 32 88 69 96 67
L 162-168 53-61 32 86 68 94 70

*For reference purpose