Product Code – 32268008

Type Full Face Snorkeling Mask
  • ・100% Dry Snorkel
  • ・180 degree wide view without distortion
  • ・Anti-fogging lens structure
  • ・Can breathe through nose
  • ・Patented Side Exhaust Valve
  • ・Purgable Design
  • ・Patented Foldable snorkel
Size Junior (10 to 13 years old)
Color Deep Blue,Flash Pink

Full face mask with 100% dry feature and natural breathing.
CO2 buildup is reduced with patented technology, making it one of the safest snorkel mask on the market.

100% Dry Snorkel
Equipped with a dry top that does not let water flood in even when immersed in water.

No Distortion 180 Degree Wide View
A 3-sided 3D lens with a flat front lens ensures no distortion underwater.

Fog Free Structure
Special ventilation structure allows only fresh air to go in and prevents condensation take place in view window.

Side Exhaust
Equipped with Side Exhaust increasing safety, reducing the risk of rebreathing CO2, and achieve a more natural and comfortable breathing.
Side Exhaust is a patented technology.

By holding the Side Exhaust with both hands, and exhaling through the mouth, any water in the mask can be discharged.