Product Code – 32368004

■ Kalama Mask

  • ・Low Volume Silicone Skirt
  • ・Pivot Buckle
  • ・Tri-View

■ Kokua+ Snorkel

  • ・Piston dry system
  • ・Silicone mouthpiece
  • ・Quick release holder
  • ・Elliptical bending pipe
  • ・With purge valve

■ Aulii Short Fin

  • ・Ultra-lightweight & compact design
  • ・Easy to put on and take off strap design
  • ・Comfort and power
  • ・Can wear with dive boots
Size M, L
Color Black × Smoke, Black × Clear Blue, Black × Clear, Clear

This set of three items includes Kalama+ (a multi-lens mask), Kokua+ (a piston dry snorkel), and Aulii Short (a compact fin).

■ Kalama+ mask
Made with side windows that provides a wide field of view.
Engineered to have less volume as possible for field of view and comfort.

■ Piston dry snorkel Kokua+
The piston dry system offers a clean look combined with 100% dry performance.
Enjoy the ease and comfort of a snorkel that stays completely dry.

■ Aulii Short Compact Fin
Ultra-lighta and compact snorkeling fins that are convenient for carrying.
The pop design, functionality, and coloring are made for comfort and photogenic look.