Type Semi-dry Snorkel
  • ・3D elliptical pipe
  • ・Self Drop Dry
  • ・Easy slide holder
  • ・Quick release holder
  • ・Ago Raku mouthpiece
Color Black/Black,Black/Clear,Black/Clear Blue,Clear Blue,Clear Pink,Clear Yellow

Designed to separate water and air flow to reduce water intrusion and improve drainage.

3D elliptical pipe
The elliptical cross-section of the pipe minimizes water resistance.
The streamlined design traces the curve of your face for a better fit.

Self-draining dry
A large draining space keeps you from inhaling water when clearing the snorkel.
The perpendicular angle of the drain valve relative to the water surface enables more effective drainage.

Flexible hose
Reduce stress on your jaw with a flexible hose.

Easy slide holder
Freely adjustable. Slide the holder to find the optimum position.

Quick release holder
Enables one-touch removal.

"Ago Raku" (Jaw Comfort) mouthpiece
Adjust the angle to easily bring the mouthpiece to your mouth.
Reduces fatigue even after prolonged use.

Enjoy your personal style with a range of color options
Six colors set off the stylish transparent material.
The black silicone component is functional and resists discoloration from exposure to sunlight.