Type Full Foot
Material Malaysian Natural Rubber
  • ・Compact size
  • ・Power grip
  • ・Fitting heel
Color Black,White,Yellow
Actual Size (mm) S (475 x 220), M (490 x 225), L (505 x 230)
Fin Size S (24-25cm), M (26-27cm), L (27-29cm)

The thick keel is integral to a compact fin with superior propulsive power.

Also recommended for beginners and underwater photographers.

Numerous materials were tested to find the optimum hardness for a fin that is a breeze for anyone to use.
Sample tests included:
1. Diving instructors
2. Divers in their 20s who have confidence in their physical fitness/leg strength
3. Divers in their 30s who have lost some leg strength since their 20s
4. Divers in their 40s who take part in more than 100 dives a year

Compact size
Provides agility and comfort when moving underwater.
Also reduces the risk of kicking up dust on sandy bottoms, making it great for beginners and underwater photographers.

Power grip
The foot pocket includes grip points that help transfer the force of your foot to the fin.
The grip points have a larger effect when wearing the fins barefoot than when wearing boots.

Fitted heel
A curved shape improves the fit against your heel. Getting the fins on and off is easy and stress-free.