Type Full Foot Fin
Material Transparent polypropylene, Thermoplastic elastomer
  • ・Drain holes to reduce water resistance.
  • ・I···Combination of plastic and resin (TPE) material captures water firmly and boost propulsion.
  • ・Compact size
  • ・Full-foot type for more powerful propulsion.
Color Black / Clear, Black / Clear Blue
Size When wearing bare feet ·socks
ML (25-26cm), L (27-28cm), XL (28-29cm)

When wearing full boat special boots
ML (23 to 24cm), L (24 to 25cm), XL (26 to 27cm)

More deeper, more freely…

As for the entry, it is a resin model fin that has been improved with thrust and comfort. The clear color of the blade looks magistic underwater.

Foot pocket
The soft material provides excellent fit and comfrot.

Water hole
The widewater holes reduce the resistance of water, so eliminates the extra effort. A stress-free fin.

The combination of the two materials captures the water firmly and comfortably provides powerful proulsion.

Hele i Waho limited color version of HUF 0201 of TUSASPORTS.