Type Full Foot
Material Malaysian Natural Rubber
  • ・Compact Size
  • ・Power grip
  • ・Fitting heel
  • ・Soft Rubber
Color Black/Dark Grey
Actual Size (mm) S (475 x 220),M (490 x 225),L (505 x 230)
Fin Size S (24-25cm), M (26-27.5cm), L (27-29cm)

This fin is designed to provide all the features required by skin divers, including reduced strain on your feet, high thrust, high underwater and surface propulsion, and portability.
The shape was inspired by the Hawaiian word "lana," which means still water.

Power grip functionality: a new concept in fin design
The foot pockets come with power grip functionality, which efficiently converts force from the big toe into forward thrust.
It is designed to enable greater propulsive power with a more compact fin, and minimizes fatigue even after long use.

Grasp the water with the latest technology

Made out of natural rubber for the optimum kick
The density of the rubber fin helps stabilize your lower body while on the surface or underwater, making swimming a breeze, even for beginners.
The rib is designed with a thickness that gives it about 1.5 times the normal volume, and the use of two kinds of incredibly soft rubber reduces the burden on your feet.
This enhances the elastic recoil necessary to generate thrust, and helps the fin “grasp” the water.
The fullfoot foot pocket envelops your foot and efficiently transfers force to the fin.