Type Dry Snorkel
  • ・Piston dry system
  • ・Easy slide holder
  • ・Quick release holder
  • ・Ago Raku Mouthpiece
  • ・Flexible silicone hose
  • ・Self drop dry system
Color Black × Clear Blue,Black × Clear,Black × Smoke,Clear × Blue,Clear × White,Clear × Pink

Dry snorkel that even beginners can enjoy snorkeling safely and comfortably.
The compact piston mechanics combines functionality and design.

Ago-Raku Mouthpiece
Designed at an optimal angle that reach naturally to the mouth.
"Ago-Raku" helps you get less tired from snorkeling long periods.

Flexible Hose
A flexible silicone hose allows you to hold the mouthpiece without stress, reducing the burden of your jaw.

Easy Slide Holder
Adjust your snorkel to any position you’d like.
You can also hang it away from your mouth to not get in the way.

Quick Release Holder
The holder opens with one touch, making it easy to attach to the mask.

Drop Dry System
If a small amount of water enters the snorkel, it can be smoothly drained from bottom purge valve by blowing out.