Type Semi-dry Snorkel
  • ・Compact water flow top
  • ・Easy slide holder
  • ・Quick release holder
  • ・Ago Raku Mouthpiece
  • ・Flex silicone short connector
  • ・Drop dry system
Color Black × Clear,Black × Smoke

A snorkel thinking of diving in mind. Enjoy the underwater world with our Kahuna snorkel.

Short Flex connector
Like the classic snorkel, the Short Flex connector lessens the drag and resistance when swimming.
Recommended for snorkelers / skin divers who keeps their snorkel on their mask.

Compact Semi Dry Top
A snorkel top to reduce water intrusion.
The compact design is adopted to reduce water resistance and drag.

Easy Slide Holder
Adjustable to any position where the snorkel is easy to hold.
You can also hang it away from your mouth so as not to get in the way.

Quick Release Holder
A holder that opens with one touch, making it easy to attach to a mask.

Drop Dry System
If a small amount of water enters the snorkel, it can be smoothly drained from bottom purge valve by blowing out.