Type Hybrid Fin
Material Rubber & Plastic Resin
  • ・Rubber and plastic hybrid structure
  • ・Jet hole
  • ・Wide foot pocket
  • ・Super lightweight
  • ・compact
Actual Size (mm) 540×195
Size (foot) S / M (23-25 cm), L / XL (26-28 cm)

Easier to swim than many other conventional fins. Ultra-lightweight & multi-material blade. Comfort that is recognized by active scuba instructors.
Even beginners and those who are not confident in leg strength can dive with confidents.

Fatigue Resistant Angle
The 15˚ fin angle designed for more natural kicking mechanics.
In addition, the bottom of the foot pocket is curved, eliminating the sensation of looseness in the heels that tend to occur when wearing boots.
Transmits maximum force from the sole of the foot and provides a propulsion even with a light kick.

Water Jet Hole
Eliminates excess water resistance, resulting in effortless kicks.

Multi Material
Hybrid blade design combining different materials. Kick strength is translated finely throughout the fin, resulting in great propulsion with light force.

Ultralight and Compact
Weighs only 700g and measures 74mm in length, making it easy to carry and compact.
You can use it for travel, or for casual snorkeling. A multipurpose fin for many occasions.